Thanksgiving Day 2015

The Hollow Hallow Tradition of Thanksgiving By hell, here we are again my friends, family, cohorts, loyal wife, sweet ‘n sexy sister-in-law, Bubba J, Betty-Jo, and lil’ Bubba T — get that finger outta your nose boy — all gathered together for yet another splendid Thanksgiving Day. A time when millions of imprisoned, tortured, and mercilessly plucked and […]


Belief is the crackle of a fire on a cold snowy night a warm companion snuggled up by flickering light a shelter in a raging storm an inspiration to carry on a concession a compromise the surrender to lover’s splendor Belief is a hardened cold steel trap with pointed teeth and a sharp quick snap […]


It emerged 440,000 years ago, on a planet in tune. Today, it crumbles, on a planet in ruin. Beyond its decayed façade of compassion, beneath its thinning translucent layer of concern, a monster stirs with merciless resolve; its violent aggression, fueled by the desperation of an insatiable greed. Hideous, self-righteous, it justifies its dominance by […]


“War means tears To thousands of mothers eyes When their sons go to fight And lose their lives” ~War-Edwin Starr Pontification inspired in part by, Victoria Neuronotes: “Casting a Spell: The Political and Religious Cook Book of Persuasion“ Pontification ‘tis time yet, once again let pontification begin. rhythmic oration sung by cowardly men, in lofty places […]


O God, Under every name and title that we beseech you, hear my prayer. Bestow unto me Your unadulterated merits of evil, Pure Godly Evil as only You may fathom: The agility of deception. The power of corruption. The appeal of perversion. The blessing of hypocrisy. The concern of apathy. The affinity of hate. Endow my […]